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BARRIER CREAM what is it and how does it work?

When the temperature outside begins to drop and our skin is exposed to wind and cold air, it tends to dry and dehydrate. Also difficult test for it are exfoliating treatments that make it hypersensitive and thin. In such situations, it is worth reaching for Barrier Cream. It will protect the skin from harsh weather conditions, regenerate it and nourish it simultaneously.

How does Barrier Cream work?

It acts as a dressing for dry, rough skin requiring regeneration. It accelerates the healing of the skin, soothes it and deeply moisturizes. Reduces itching, burning, redness, strongly moisturizes and provides long-lasting comfort. It supports the regeneration of the epidermis, improving the appearance and condition of the skin.

KREM BARIEROWY czym jest i jak działa SoBio Beauty Boutique BLOG-2 | BARRIER CREAM what is it and how does it work?

How to use?

It should be applied several times a day (1 to 3 times), depending on the degree of skin dryness, on cleansed and dried skin of the face and body. Apply a thin layer of cream on damaged, cracked, irritated skin, spread gently.

How is it different from a care cream?

Each face care cream is an emulsion, i.e. a mixture of water, fat and emulsifier. Barrier cream usually has a heavier, thicker and richer consistency and does not contain water.

When to use a barrier cream?

Nothing stands in the way of using it all year round. This is especially beneficial for people with dry and atopic-prone skin (AD skin is naturally “damaged”, so it is worth taking care of rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier, which is helped by barrier creams). People with any other type of skin can reach for such a cosmetic in the autumn and winter. It is then that the skin is most exposed to the negative effects of wind or frost.

Tip! If your skin is prone to clogging, give up barrier creams containing waxes.

This type of cream applied in the morning will provide all-day protection, in the evening – optimal skin regeneration. If you have ever used them, be sure to let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.


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