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Yoga mats | SoBio Beauty BoutiqueYOGA MATS – what to look for? Originally, in India, it was practiced on animal skins or mats made of grass and covered with cloth for hygiene. Along with the development of yoga in the West, mats began to be produced, the purpose of which was to increase the comfort of practice (including greater grip) and greater mobility (the rug is quite heavy and not practical to carry) MATS available in our Concept Store are made of microfiber. From below they contain rubber. It is a natural material. This fact alone is an advantage for many. However, what rubber tempts yoga practitioners the most is its slip resistance. In this respect, rubber mats are number one on the market. The top of the mat made of microfiber is a replacement for a yoga towel, which is made of the same material. Both the yoga towel and the microfiber mat have their special purpose – to absorb moisture and sweat. During intense practice and / or high room temperature, we sweat heavily. The best example is e.g. Bikram or Hot Yoga. In such situations, ordinary mats, even those made of rubber, cannot cope with the slippery layer of sweat that forms on the surface. Microfiber absorbs sweat and the more wet it is, the greater the slip resistance it gives the exerciser. The big advantage of microfiber mats is their design. It is possible to print any graphics on microfiber, thanks to which we have a large selection of patterns. Care for microfiber mats is simple – just wipe them wet with a cloth or sponge. You can use a light detergent. In the case of larger dirt, the mat can be washed in the washing machine or by hand, depending on the model and material from which it is made. We recommend MOONHOLI mats, which are characterized by extremely high durability and interesting design

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