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ETHICAL FASION | SoBio Beauty Boutique


Concept that includes many aspects related to fashion, such as working conditions, fair trade, sustainable economy, animal protection and care for the environment. It applies to fashion at every stage of its creation – from design, sewing to sales, both wholesale and retail. Ethical Fashion opposes exploitation and child labor, respects the environment, produces the best clean, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products.

Choose FAIR TRADE products made by cooperatives, small manufactories or made in the spirit of recycling, which helps reduce the amount of waste.

Read the labels – pay attention to the origin and material of which the product is made.

Ask sellers, search online. Thanks to this, you will not only know more about what you wear, but you will also give these items value. Because isn’t it nice to know that the handbag you are holding at your business event was created by a Polish designer from Warsaw?

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