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RA HYGGE CHAGA Coffee is a great way to supercharge your morning routine with bioactive compounds that support the well-being of the body and nervous system. Chaga grows on 1 / 10,000 birches in cooler northern climates and grows on average just over 1 centimeter per year. Chaga is an adaptogen and a powerful antioxidant, known for centuries by indigenous people as a health-promoting mushroom. In old texts, chaga is referred to as “king of all herbs”, “diamond of the forest” and “gift of nature”.

RA HYGGE Coffee with CHAGA BIO mushroom extract contains 4520 mg of chaga mushroom extract (double extraction) in one package or 226 mg in one serving / cup.

  • For those who want to improve concentration and intellectual efficiency
  • For those who want to support immunity, in moments of weakness due to constant fatigue
  • For those who want to increase the efficiency of the body, lead an intense lifestyle and need additional energy
  • For those who want to delay the aging process of cells

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Came from Siberia – Russia and from the northern regions of China. The inhabitants of Siberia have been making decoctions of it for a long time and using it in the treatment of cancer, they call the mushroom “God’s Gift”.
Chaga mushroom is used for various infectious diseases. Chaga’s action is directed at the digestive system and the liver.

Thanks to the tropism of this fungus, it is used in various intestinal problems and to aid digestion. It is also used in constipation. Chaga has a regenerating effect and protects the gastric mucosa, both in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers. This effect is mainly attributed to betulinic acid.
It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. It can not only stimulate the immune system but also suppress it, which can be used against a variety of autoimmune problems. Due to the tropism of the digestive tract, the fungus is used as a complementary treatment for Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Roast profile: dark roasted
Thanks to the chaga mushroom extract, this espresso is highly concentrated and can appear stronger than other dark roast coffees.
When we look at the color of the whole grains that are covered in a dark, almost black extract, it can be misleading.

Flavor profile: rich and full body
Rich and full body with nutty notes of almonds and a wonderful, earthy aroma from mushroom extract.
Thanks to the extract, the umami effect was obtained, which gives the best balance in the case of dark roasted coffee.

Origin: Peru; Finland and Siberia

Green coffee beans come from small organic crops in Peru. Organic mushroom extracts come from Finland and Siberia.


Experienced in both the coffee and the health food industry. Focused on some of Nature’s most nutritious products in the world (including superfoods from Finnish forests), Irina Sandberg came up with the idea of ​​combining mushroom extract with coffee and this is how RA HYGGE was born.

For Irina, born and raised in Finland, it was natural to first introduce her coffee to her home audience. It was the first company in Finland to launch chaga mushroom coffee in 2013.

It was not difficult to convince her compatriots because they already knew, for example, chaga mushrooms in the form of tea. Now the brand wants to spread this unique experience also in other parts of the world.


ecological arabica coffee from Peru (98%), ecological extract (from double extraction) of chaga mushrooms (inonotus obliquus) (2%)


227 G / 18 portions


Esspresso ground, Filter ground, Whole beans


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