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MOONHOLI AURA Orange essential oil






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MOONHOLI AURA Orange essential oil

MOONHOLI AURA Orange essential oil – 10ml

MOONHOLI AURA Orange essential oil is a (100%) natural pressed oil using traditional methods from the peel of ripe oranges. Sweet and citrus aromas will put you in a good mood, enabling a feeling of happiness and joy. The power of the oil enclosed in a small bottle attracts good energy, positive vibrations and helps to maintain a cheerful spirit.


  • relaxing, aromatherapy bath – create your own haven. Add a few drops of bath oil and revel in the amazing benefits on your body and mind;
  • warming massage – the addition of the oil will be a real feast for your senses, the massage ritual will stimulate and warm your senses while relaxing your body;
  • natural air freshener – free your creativity and create your own fragrance mist, add a few drops of essential oil to a bottle with water and baking soda and enjoy the beautiful scent;
  • natural perfumes – make your own perfume, just apply the essential oil diluted with water on your skin and enjoy the fragrance. By adding oil to cosmetics, you can also easily create a perfumed body lotion or cream;
  • fireplace or aroma diffuser – heat the oil in a specially designed aroma fireplace or add it to a diffuser, surround yourself with a wonderful, natural and long fragrance;
  • droplets on a pillow or bedding – wrap yourself in the soothing aroma of the oil and achieve a blissful state during rest or healthy sleep.

Citrus sinensis
Origin: Brazil
From fruit peel
Process: cold expression

10 ml

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use internally. Dilute before usage on skin. Avoid eyes. If causes irritation, discontinue use immediately.




MOONHOLI is the essence of natural femininity, universal truths of nature and a holistic lifestyle. Lifestyle yoga mats are designed for active, independent and conscious modern women. The beautiful, elegant and modern design of the mats will perfectly fit into your surroundings and will make your yoga practice or training a real pleasure. Designer prints inspired by nature, travel, art and universal spirituality will make your yoga practice an unforgettable experience. By creating these eco-friendly yoga mats, the brand is committed to spreading environmental awareness and therefore does not use harmful PVC or any other toxic substances in their production. Ecological yoga mats are made of natural rubber. Yoga mats with MOONHOLI prints are made using natural water-based paints to protect you and the planet Earth.

Every month 10% of the Cosmic Girl mat sale revenue is donated to the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, thus supporting people suffering from cancer.


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