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PHLORES Yasmin Flower Soy candle

PHLORES Yasmin Flower Soy Candle – Jasmine fragrance is that one which immediately catches your attention when you walk … How can these small, delicate white flowers create such a strong-smelling experience? The fragrance is subtle but durable, delicate but sensual …

Legends say that Cleopatra used the scent of jasmine to seduce Marcus Aurelius. It is not surprising, because this flower has fascinated with its sweet aroma and delights with its delicate appearance for centuries. The composition of Yasmin Flower is a fragrance that combines the treasures of the Far East. In addition to the jasmine heart, they also include the Ylang Ylang flower, also known as the flower of all flowers, the queen rose and the orange flower. Musk and vetiver stimulate the senses and evoke the Far Eastern climate.

Choose one candle and then combine it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy that seems to reinvent each scent to create the next …

Interior candles by PHLORES fill spaces with aromas inspired by the richness of nature and fragrances from around the world. From the beginning  it was important to return to traditional craftsmanship, in which the product is created by people with passion. Candles are made in a multi-step process that starts with the production and hand-painted glass. Then, an overprint is made so that the containers reach the workshop at the next stage. The cotton wick is attached here, the wax mixed with the smell is poured and the final packing is done. Fragrances are created by a family company from Grasse especially for Phlores. Fragrance compositions consist of essential oils and high-quality synthetics – where it is impossible to use natural oils. The wax used is 100% vegetable wax, vegan – not tested on animals and GMO free. Free of paraffin and other petroleum substances. As a result, candles do not emit toxic substances and burn much longer than paraffin ones.

Give your interior a unique character and choose variants of PHLORES CANDLES depending on your mood and actual decor

Weight0.220 kg
Dimensions8 × 8 × 9 cm
Burning time

50 h


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