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MATCHA BROS. Matcha set is the perfect starter set for a gift for green tea lovers or as a one for people who are just starting their adventure with refreshing matcha. The elements of the set are an integral part of the traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony.

The matcha tea set includes the following items:

Japanese tea from the first harvest with an intense tea flavor with a delicate hint of sweetness 50 g

Matcha provides us with energy without the “downhill” and side effects that accompany coffee, energy drinks or sweetened drinks. Matcha does not raise insulin levels, is always GMO free, and is compatible with keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and virtually any other diet. Matcha is rich in important nutritional values, usually difficult to find in traditional diets, min. antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, zinc, magnesium and many others. Plus, with so many detoxifying elements, matcha is one of the oldest natural health benefits.

Traditional bamboo whisk for mixing and foaming matcha tea.

It helps to keep the chasen in the right shape and improves its strength.

Bamboo spoon for applying matcha.

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Dissolve 2 g of matcha (two bamboo spoons) in 100 ml of water at 80°C.
A bamboo chasen or an electric milk frother is best for mixing.
Mix thoroughly in a bowl or glass until a green foam forms.
Top up with milk of your choice, hot water or drink like espresso.

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MATCHA BROS offers 3 types of matcha tea: Ceremonial, Traditional and Culinary. The types differ mainly in quality, color, taste, nutrient content and intended use. Easily add a cup of ceremonilana or traditional matcha to your daily routine or enrich your favorite recipes with culinary matcha. For production, the brand uses only Tencha leaves (Camellia Sinensis) from organic farms. The tea leaves are grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in Kagoshima and Aichi Prefecture. Fresh spring water in high mountain tea gardens, gentle cultivation with subsequent shading and fine powder grinding on traditional granite mills create a unique flavor. One month before harvest, the leaves of Tencha tea are covered with black nets, gradually blocking access to sunlight. Shading the tea leaves makes the leaves thinner, softer and more green in color, so they produce more chlorophyll and amino acids. Only young leaves are harvested to produce the best quality matcha. This unique cultivation process makes matcha richer in nutritional value than any other tea. When you drink matcha, you consume the entire tea leaf, retaining 100% of its nutritional value.


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