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BOHEMA Blacky Chic Nopal Vegan Heels | Desserto

BOHEMA Blacky Chic Nopal Stilettos are vegan heels made of cruelty-free nopal cactus skin (opuntia)

Fashionable and stylish.

Breathable and waterproof.

Vegan shoes – all components are 100% vegan.

Nopal (prickly pear) Desserto cactus leather shoes

The interior of the shoe is finished with a breathable mesh.

Shoes hadncrafted in Poland.

Heel height: 9 cm Available sizes: EU 35-41

* Black colour

* When available in stock, waiting time for order (production + shipping) up to + – 7 days

BOHEMA. Brand for uncompromising people going against the tide, living with their heads in the clouds, believing in their own ideas and dreams. Their products are the result of passion, art, nature, fashion, elegance and modification. Refined, hand-made and carefully selected detailed data that the items of this brand are used alternatively. All products are covered without the use of animal materials.

Desserto is the first vegan material on the market, cactus-based leather, which can make the leather industry even more sustainable. Desserto owners, originally from Mexico, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez debuted at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle 2019 in Milan. The organization’s goal was sustainable alternatives, without toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. The result – Cactus Leather, organic leather from prickly pear cactus, for material covered by biodegradable material and technical parameters related to the fashion industry for the production of leather goods and furniture, as well as in the automotive industry. Thanks to high resistance and durability (minimum 10 years), this vegan product can replace animal skin and other synthetic materials that are not environmentally friendly.



36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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