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BOHEMA Ritzy Grape Leather Flip Flops | Vegea

BOHEMA Ritzy Slides Grape Leather Flip Flops | VEGEA are such a chic option for warm days – wear them on holiday with flowy skirts, in the evenings with oversized jackets or around town with cropped jeans. Choose your own definition of summer chic.


BOHEMA Ritzy Grape Leather Flip Flops _ SoBio Beauty Boutique _ Cruelty Free Concept Store 3Shoes handmade in Poland.
Flip-flops made of Vegea® grape leather
Sole made of high quality rubber*
Insole made of natural cork coated with apple leather
Vegan shoes – all components are 100% vegan.

Available sizes:
EU 36-41
Soles height: 1,5 cm
Colour: Black

*We care about our planet, which is why our soles are recyclable. When you think your shoes have worn out, send them back to us. We will give the soles a second life and give you a discount on your next purchase.


BOHEMA Clothing is a brand for uncompromising people who go against the flow, live with their heads in the clouds, believing in their own ideas and dreams. Their products are the result of passion, art, nature, fashion, elegance and consistency. Refined, hand-made and carefully selected details make the brand’s products an excellent alternative to traditional leather products. All products are made without the use of animal materials.

It is a Polish family streetwear brand that has made 100% vegan and environmentally friendly clothes a point of honor. They were the first on the Polish market to make vegan Pinatex shoes – an alternative to natural leather made of pineapple leaves.

VEGEA company was founded in 2016 in Milan, with the aim to promote the integration between chemistry and agriculture through the development of new eco-sustainable products. They develop plant-based alternatives to fully synthetic oil-derived materials for fashion, furniture, packaging, automotive & transportation. By leveraging the use of renewable resources as an alternative to non-renewable fossil ones, their production processes are based on the exploitation of biomasse and vegetable raw materials. Collaborations between public and private sectors allows to establish synergies and partnerships with local industry and research players. Constant investments which company makes are dedicated to research activities for the continuous development of innovative and low environmental impact technologies and processes.



36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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