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MYLO ™ means mushroom faux leather

Made from mycelium, an above-ground mushroom system resembling a root system, the innovative Mylo™ is an alternative to animal skin. Soft, flexible and less harmful to the environment. Its production is possible thanks to the world-class scientists and engineers from Bolt Threads and the support of pioneering brands such as adidas, lululemon, Stella McCartney and others.


Leather has been used by people for centuries. But we humans evolve, and so do the materials we use.

Living in a world with limited resources and an ever-growing human population, we are already well overdue for a renewable, sustainable alternative to leather. Here and now we need to open the frontiers of new possibilities and create environmentally friendly materials and products that we use in everyday life. And so MYLO appears.

Stella Mccartney & MYLO

Stella McCartney has never resigned herself to the status quo. A visionary who Vogue described as a “fashion conscience”, Stella redefines luxury by never using animal skins, furs or feathers in her collections. As one of the first fashion houses to ever use MYLO™ in their studio, she played a key role in the development of this amazing non-leather project.

“I believe the Stella community should never have to compromise luxury desirability for sustainability, and MYLO allows us to make that a reality”


The corset top and pants are handmade from MYLO™ panels laid over a nylon lining made from recycled bottles in the brand’s London atelier. Months later, Stella unveiled The Frayme Mylo at Paris Fashion Week as part of its mushroom-inspired Summer 2022 collection. The first of its kind to hit the runway of a major fashion week, The Frayme Mylo promises Stella fans a sustainable update to an already beloved style.


For billions of years, mycelium has grown under our feet and served as ecological connective tissue. An extensive, infinitely renewable, interwoven network passes through the soil, plants and along riverbeds to break down organic matter and provide nutrients to plants and trees.

Mushrooms are the fruit of the mycelium. Like the branches and vines from which apples or grapes grow, the mycelium acts as these twisting, branching supports just below the Earth’s surface.

A team of visionary scientists and engineers at Bolt Threads have developed a state-of-the-art process to grow and transform mycelium into a high-quality alternative to animal and synthetic leather. The process begins with mycelial cells grown on substrates of sawdust and other organic material. Billions of cells grow to form an interconnected 3D network that is processed, tanned and dyed to make Mylo.

Post based on Content from MYLO™ Photos: MYLO & STELLA McCARTNEY

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