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How to segregate cosmetics packaging?


Every cosmetic comes to an end sometime, and waste segregation is not only an EU requirement, but above all a habit, thanks to which we can improve the condition of the environment and the health of our planet. The only question is – how to segregate cosmetics packaging correctly?

Usually, the cosmetic is used up and only the empty packaging is recycled, but there are cases that it has been open for so long that it has lost its properties and you have to throw away a properly full jar or bottle. Then what? Although proper waste segregation is extremely important, it can be difficult at times. What to do with the foam seal under the cap of a cream jar, perfume or nail polish bottle? In today’s article, we suggest and help to clarify doubts.

How to segregate cosmetics packaging?

Each of the Alba1913 cosmetics has two goals: to serve you, but also our planet, which is why it is so important to recycle the product after use!
The packaging of Alba1913 cosmetics is made of glass, aluminum, paper, and where necessary plastic, if possible recycled plastic

The brand tries to make them mono-material, i.e. made entirely of one raw material, so that there are no doubts as to which bin to throw them into.
However, if the packaging is made of several raw materials, e.g. a tube with a cap – we divide them into appropriate fractions.
See in this short video that sorting is quite simple!

Where to dispose of empty cosmetics packaging?

If we are dealing with glass packaging, e.g. after creams or perfumes, we simply throw it into the glass. Glass containers are containers for the so-called packaging glass. We do not throw flat glass there, like panes or glasses, kitchen utensils, heat-resistant glass, but glass that was the packaging. In this category, therefore, jars of creams and lotions or perfume bottles will fit. Plastic packaging (jars with caps, bottles of shampoos and conditioners) should be thrown into plastic. Metal tubes or containers of creams or conditioners should be thrown into the metal container. Sachets, e.g. cosmetic samples or sheet masks, should be thrown into mixed waste.

Should we tear off the labels before DISPOSE of the packaging into the appropriate waste bin?

No there is no need. Once the packaging is recycled, it will be properly processed. Plastic packaging, e.g. from shampoo, is cut into smaller pieces, washed under high pressure of water, when the labels detach from the raw material, and then melted down. Glass containers, e.g. lotion jars, are also broken and deprived of what is unnecessary.

What to do with lids and caps?

Very small caps and lids, like a toothpaste or shampoo cap, are thrown together with the entire package. We do not unscrew them and we do not throw them away separately. Such small nuts, when they go to the sorting plant on sieves with quite large meshes, fall to the bottom and are treated as a waste material. What is left on the sieves is sent for recycling. What will fall, i.e. these small nuts, are the so-called. negative fraction, which is then recycled.

Larger caps, such as caps from bath lotions or lids from creams, should be unscrewed and disposed of separately. If we have a glass cream jar and a plastic cap, we throw away both elements separately: a glass jar and a plastic cap.

A What to do with cosmetics pumps?

There is a problem with push-ups, because you can’t do anything with them afterwards. They are not recycled, because they are composed of very different, often tiny elements. If we have a plastic packaging with a pump, we unscrew it and throw it into the plastic fraction separately. If we are dealing with a pump and a glass bottle, we throw them together into the glass section. The pump thrown into the mixed fraction will go to the waste incineration plant.

Do you have to wash cosmetics containers before throwing them away?

No, there’s absolutely no need for that. Packaging, whether we wash it at home or not – is washed in the sorting plant with water under pressure. So washing them at home is simply a waste of water. Completely unnecessary from the perspective of the entire recycling process.

What to do with the packaging in which the cosmetic was left?

The remains of cosmetics, cream, shampoo or conditioner are thrown into the mixed waste bin. We do not wash the packaging, we throw it into the appropriate container – glass or plastic.

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