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SLAAP GUA SHA for face will allow you to create a home SPA and perform a relaxing evening face massage inspired by the Asian beauty ritual. The source of inspiration is a treatment used in ancient Chinese medicine, which occupies a special place due to the soothing healing effect of both body and soul. Asian women owe their perfectly smooth, radiant complexion to Gua Sha rituals, hence it is commonly called “the natural botox of Eastern medicine”.

The Gua Sha massage stone is made of pleasant-looking and wonderfully skin-friendly rose quartz. The stone is profiled in the form of a crescent with smooth edges, thanks to its unique form it perfectly adapts to the shape of the face.

Through gentle pressure Gua Sha for face helps to perfectly get rid of tension in the areas where all-day stress accumulates and negative energy accumulates. The ideal places that you can massage are: temples, jaw muscles or the area between the eyebrows.

Massage with a Gua Sha plate for the face improves lymph flow and also stimulates blood circulation, which results in better oxygenation and skin firmness.

SLAAP GUA SHA do twarzy | SoBio Beauty Boutique | Etyczne zakupy
SLAAP Gua Sha do twarzy | SoBio Beauty Boutique | Clean Beauty 2

For anyone who wants to provide their skin with additional care, as well as improving elasticity and reducing swelling.

Massage with a Gua Sha stone should be performed along the meridians, i.e. lines connecting acupuncture points on the face. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these are the channels through which the life-giving energy of Qi moves. Gua Sha massage, thanks to the stimulation of Qi, restores the harmony of the body and mind, and helps the skin regain its lost elasticity and healthy glow. You will do it as follows:

Warm up 3-4 drops of the Moon Drops serum in your hands and spread it over the face and neck by gently massaging. Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths to feel its soothing scent.

Reach for the Gua Sha stone holding it from the convex side and start the draining massage. First, focus on the neck – lightly pressing the plate against the skin, guide it in the down-up direction as shown in the picture.

Continue to massage the jaw, working from the chin to the temples. Pay special attention to the point near the ear where the jaw meets the temples – this is where the most tension accumulates.

It’s time for the cheeks – move the Gua Sha from the center of the face outwards. Remember to thoroughly massage the lip-nasal fold and the area under the eyes, which will help reduce dark circles and swelling.

Finally, do an eyebrow and forehead massage, which acts as a natural lifting for these areas.

Natural Stone – Rose Quartz


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SLAAP products are produced locally e.g. in a small factory in the south of Poland. Their implementation process is long and very meticulous. Everything that is created is tested in professional laboratories and then checked on members of the brand’s team. Cosmetics are based on natural raw materials. You will not find any harmful substances in them. The ingredients are selected very carefully and only produce what the founders themselves want to use. Every detail counts – recipe, operation, appearance. The brand wants its products to be a feast for your senses. Through the SLAAP brand, the founder wants to spread the idea of ​​healthy sleep and rested and well-rested women who speak boldly and loudly about their needs. They are not afraid to satisfy them, while maintaining their style and sensitivity. She also wants to speak loudly and boldly about natural beauty. Act against the millions of perfect photos from Instagram, Facebook or ads that lower our self-esteem and make us constantly compare ourselves with others. Instead of high standards of beauty, it shows individualism and authenticity


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