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NAIVE MOLECULES Mood Boosting – Bioactive Purple chocolate 75%


NAIVE MOLECULES Mood Boosting – Bioactive Purple chocolate 75%– Molecules is the most innovative product Naive has ever created. Domantas Uzpalis had been researching the chemical composition of cacao which is a great natural source for endocannabinoids, opiates and stimulants. The therapeutic dose of these chemicals can alter brain chemistry and induce chocolate euphoria. In cooperation with scientists, he developed the process of preserving the abundant quantities of endorphins, antioxidants, trace minerals and vitamins naturally present in cocoa. This chocolate is dedicated to the people who want to hack their own biology.

Did you know that a fresh cacao bean consists of more than 300 phytochemicals and nearly four times the antioxidant power of regular dark chocolate? Naive has worked out a way to preserve antioxidants within the chocolate, and with a concentration of up to 1/4 the total mass. Almost 9 grams (wt/wt) in total phenolic compounds and phytochemicals per serving – 30 times the RDA! Molecules chocolate is also packed with fatty acids, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, sulfur and other microelements that modulate the immune system.



CACAO GENETICS: Molecules cacao grows in the valley of Machu Picchu, where the Andes meet the rainforest-clad lowlands, and it is recognized as one of the rarest and best cacaos in the world. This indigenous cacao has the unique chemical composition that correlates with the biodiversity flourishing in the biologically complex area of the high rainforest of Cusco.

MINERAL COMPOSITION: Top grade cacao is a top grade source for essential minerals. Molecules straddle the line between a food and a potent medicine. It contains therapeutic doses of copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc and more.

ANTIOXIDANT COMPOSITION: Cacao ranks at the top among  all antioxidant-rich foods, and it is largely studied because of the antioxidant properties of phenolic constituents, like phenolic acids, procyanidins and flavonoids. Incorrect processing can dramatically reduce the levels of antioxidants, so Naive handled its’ beans in a particular way to protect them from degradation. Cacao antioxidants can change the way you think, perform and feel!

NEUROACTIVE CHEMICALS: Molecules contains a unique cocktail of mind-altering chemicals that catalyze the release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins in our brains.

HALF-LIFE: The neuroactive chemicals of cacao peak in the blood 2-3 hours after ingestion and have a half-life of up to 7-12 hours.

In a little town on the Eastern side of Lithuania, NAIVE CHOCOLATE makes outstanding bean-to-bar chocolate. Each and every morning, the chocolate master carefully roasts fresh cacao beans whose delicious aroma gently awakens the residents of the town. Just as they were hundreds of years ago, cacao beans are slowly rolled and conched to release their extraordinary bouquet of fruits, nuts and flowers in a delicately finished chocolate bar. These handcrafted bars are later stored to mature and form a complicated array of tastes and seasonings. Two key principles are most important to Naive. First, the maker only works with the best ingredients in the world. Second, they seek to become world-class craftsmen in working with this type of exquisite production. Naive makes chocolate in ways that help to reveal the character of a particular cacao bean. The chocolate is finally born after a meticulous analysis of taste, colour, smell and texture.


3 X 20 G, 6 X 20 G


Molecules cacao, erytriol, pure cacao butter, zink. Cacao min 75%.


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