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LULLALOVE Dry Brushing Brush

LULLALOVE Dry Brushing Brush with a special length of agave fiber (i.e. tampico) and symmetrical tufts – for a perfect hand fit. The frame itself has been profiled to resemble a woman’s hand. The small size is practical for everyday use and for travel. A brush designed for dry massage use. Packed in a linen bag.

The unique engraving symbolizes the unity of a woman with nature. It reminds you about caring and taking care of yourself in a natural way, consistent with your own nature and needs. A woman here is a symbol of a tender Mother Nature who cares about the environment, but also knows how to take care of herself.

It will work for people who have brushed before or are not sensitive to pain. Tampico is a sharp and not very flexible fiber. It gives great results, but it can be painful at first. For sensitive skin or prone to, for example, spider veins, we recommend bristles of medium hardness, e.g. bristles, or narrowly packed – coconut, with high elasticity.

Over time, our metabolism slows down. There is swelling, stagnation of water or heaviness of the limbs. This is the result of poor work of the lymphatic system. Brushing helps to eliminate these ailments. A hard brush also perfectly copes with cellulite, ingrown hairs or rough forearms, buttocks or elbows. At first, the massage may feel painful and this is normal. The skin has to get used to it. The tradition of dry brushing comes from Ayurvedic medicine. The purpose of the massage, in addition to removing dead skin, is to get rid of toxin deposits. Massage also helps to get rid of tension. Made in the morning – stimulates, in the evening – relaxes.

  • from bottom to top with sliding, long movements. Movements must always go towards the heart, i.e. in accordance with the lymph flow,
  • brush legs and arms as if sweeping the floor 🙂 Abdomen and joints (i.e. arms, knees, hips, wrists and ankles) brush with circular movements,
  • the pressure depends on the thickness of the skin – on the neckline or under the armpits we do it more gently than on the soles of the feet,
  • No lotions or oils are used for the massage.

Preferably before each bath or at least 3 times a week. The skin smoothing effect is visible after 3-4 brushings.

  • relieves tension – especially when brushing the neck and shoulders
  • reduces swelling
  • helps with joint pain
  • firms and tones the skin
  • by brushing the bust, we get rid of lymphatic deposits formed when wearing a bra
  • works great for fresh, red stretch marks
  • improves blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

Binding – beech wood.

Bristles – agave (or tampico).

Solid wood frame – soaking wood can cause it to crack. This does not affect the properties of the brush, it can only visually disturb. If necessary, the brush can be disinfected with acetate. For wet use, choose a brush in a dedicated frame.

Dry brush. The luminaire cannot be wet.

Polish product.

Since 2013, LULLALOVE has been a brand derived from the best quality and designer products for children and adults. All products are made in Poland, using the most local raw materials possible. They are made by hand, but despite being hand-made, they always undergo detailed quality controls, comply with legal standards, and additionally tested for safety. Designs, patterns and solutions are always original, and the design itself is appreciated by independent institutions such as the Institute of Industrial Design. The brand is distinguished by the multifunctionality of products, focus on a specific action / effect and the simplicity of their design.


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