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LULLALOVE Bamboo Kimono Orange Blossom


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Extremely feminine, bamboo robe in a universal kimono cut, made in 100% of bamboo viscose





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LULLALOVE Bamboo Kimono Orange Blossom 

LULLALOVE Bamboo Kimono Orange Blossom is a truly unique piece of clothing. Beautifully cut and sewn into an elegant product with a very versatile use. Add casual elegance to your wardrobe while spending time at home, traveling or on the beach. Loose fit fits every figure in every size. Flared 3/4 sleeves and a short cut emphasize the advantages of the figure. The sewn-in inner pockets add extra functionality.

Made of bamboo viscose, pleasant and soft to the touch. Bamboo is famous for its thermoregulatory properties. It cools pleasantly in summer, and warms in winter.

The  Bamboo Kimono Orange Blossom is also the perfect pregnancy gift. It will accompany young mums during pregnancy and long after, thanks to the loose cut and external binding. A truly unique gift for yourself or someone you love.



  • total length: 95 cm,
  • sleeve length: 60 cm,
  • sleeve width: 26 cm (measured flat)

Product was made in Poland.


Machine wash or hand wash at 30 Celsius degrees. Iron as normal if you feel like it. It is best to dry it on a hanger.

100% natural fabric. It may peel in the first few washes. Note: do not use powders / liquids for washing white fabrics that are bleaching fabrics.

Illustrative photo. The arrangement of the pattern / print may differ from the one shown in the photo. This is due to cutting and sewing.

Since 2013, LULLALOVE has been a brand provideing the best quality and designer products for children and adults. All their products are made in Poland, using the most local raw materials possible. They are hand-made, but despite this, they always undergo detailed quality checks, comply with legal standards, and additionally tested for safety. Designs, patterns and solutions are always original, and the design itself is appreciated by independent institutions such as the Institute of Industrial Design. The brand is distinguished by the multifunctionality of products, focus on a specific action / effect and the simplicity of their design.


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