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LOVENUE LOVEblender Makeup sponge SoBio Beauty Boutique Fair Fashion

LOVENUE LOVEblender Makeup sponge

LOVENUE LOVEblender Makeup sponge is safe for the skin and environmentally friendly. The “natural oil layer protection” technology used ensures an appropriate level of skin hydration and protects it against the loss of the lipid layer. LOVEblender is enriched with vitamin E *, which has been called the “vitamin of youth”.

Its ideal density and softness result from the use of the highest quality “hydrophilic polyurethane” ** – a material used in medicine. The application of cosmetics using the LOVEblender ensures a healthy and full of vitality skin appearance.

From now on, the distribution of cosmetics in sensitive places – on the chin, around the corners of the mouth and the wings of the nose will no longer be problematic.

By using the LOVEblender Makeup sponge, you will perfectly prepare the skin and finish the make-up. You will say goodbye to unsightly streaks and fluid stains forever.

In addition to applying the fluid, it is great for spreading highlighter, bronzer, creams and even powder.

* vitamin E – is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals.

** hydrophilic polyurethane – characterized by a 15-fold absorption of liquids in relation to its weight, high durability and strength. Due to its unique properties – a key component of many medical products.

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Depending on the type of cosmetic, we use with LOVEblender Makeup sponge, we need to get it WET (with fluid, liquid highlighter, bronzer) or MOISTENED (with powders, creams), never completely dry.

Remember! Wash your makeup sponge every single time (before use or after)!

LOVEblender Makeup Sponge Q&A

Yes. When it comes to products such as Fluid / foundation, liquid highlighter or bronzer. However, when it comes to loose products such as powders or bar bronzer, we use it MOISTENED not wet.

In addition to applying the fluid, it is great for highlighter, bronzer, creams and even powder.

LOVENUE LOVEblender Makeup sponge | SoBio Beauty Boutique

LOVENUE LOVEblender Makeup sponge

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The brand was created out of love for beauty and passion for makeup. LOVENUE has created a special line of make-up brushes, designed by Magdalena Pieczonka – make-up artist for stars and one of the most sought-after make-up artists in Poland. Magda Pieczonka works on a daily basis with photo sessions and fashion shows, records make-up tutorials on YouTube and conducts training sessions for girls from all over the country. She is an undisputed beauty authority who knows everything about makeup.


hydrophilic polyurethane, vitamin E


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