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Natural Fragrances |SoBio Beauty Boutique 2NATURAL FRAGRANCES help us create our image and attract the interest of other people
A well-chosen fragrance makes others find us interesting
and attractive
There is also an concept of the so-called SIGNATURE SCENT, which is often translated as a scented business card or scented signature. It relates to the fragrances with which the owner is strongly associated
and with whom his surroundings also associate him.
As experts admit, many factors influence the selection of signature scent. Not without significance are issues such as: personality, character traits, preferred flavors and aromas, and even film and musical preferences.
There are many tests on the internet to help you choose your fragrance. Of course, many of them should be treated only in terms of fun and unfortunately, no test will help you choose an individual fragrance, but it can certainly be a starting point and a guide for you. The simplest and often the best method is to follow your instincts and your own preferences. Let your nose and heart be your guide.
Good luck in searching your scent signature!

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