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NaGo logoThe NAGO brand designs clothes in such a way that they form a universal basis for your wardrobe. They are classic, timeless and do not force you to chase trends. NAGO wants to be the heart of your wardrobe, so he consciously chooses materials and carefully works on typefaces. Collections are small, because they are created by the styles you really need to build a capsule wardrobe. At the same time, you can be sure that NAGO clothes will match the content of your wardrobe,

Brand values: * Simple form * Clean process * Waste reduction

Responsible fashion is not only organic fabrics, but a conscious choice at every stage of work. Therefore, the production of tags has been reduced to a minimum, and those that are necessary are made of body-soft cotton. Only paper tags with a metal safety pin and cotton cord are used, as well as envelopes made from recycled cardboard. Only the information you want is printed and the boxes are not filled with plastic.


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