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SOAP FOR GLOBE Conditioner bar case




White, minimalist style can, perfect for storing conditioner bar



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SOAP FOR GLOBE Conditioner bar case

SOAP FOR GLOBE Conditioner bar case

SOAP FOR GLOBE Conditioner bar case If your naked condiotioner bar needs some cover, at home or on its travels, this elegant round tin is the perfect way to preserve its modesty (and keep it dry). If you’ve ever used conditioner/shampoo bars before, you’ll know how long they last. To keep them even longer, make sure they’re fully dry before popping them in the tin to help them stay as firm and as solid as they can be.

It takes up little space, is tight, turns and unscrews easily. Thanks to the graphics printed on the lid, it is also simply pleasing to the eye. High-quality print does not scratch and is water resistant. You can store in it not only care products but also other cosmetics or jewelry.

The case is made of aluminum, a durable and resistant material, that makes this tool ideal to store, preserve and let the shampoo bars last longer.

SOAP FOR GLOBE Beauty Box Puszka na szampon / odżywkę w kostce 4

Bar conditioner is a very efficient cosmetic, but in order to serve you as long as possible, you need to take care of it properly. If you plan to store your shampoo or conditioner in case, it is very important to dry the bar after each use. Otherwise, the shampoo may get soaked. Since it is a zero waste product, it is worth taking care of its usefulness as long as possible. Most importantly, keep your bar shampoo away from moisture. Make sure that there is no water in the case and that the shampoo dries out after each use.

Size S: 67mm x 26mm, ideally suited to your conditioner


SOAP FOR GLOBE Odżywka w kostce do włosów długich

SOAP FOR GLOBE Long Hair Conditioner bar

SOAP FOR GLOBE Beauty Box Puszka na odżywkę w kostce 3

SOAP FOR GLOBE Beauty Box Puszka na odżywkę w kostce 5

SOAP FOR GLOBE Beauty Box Puszka na szampon w kostce

SOAP FOR GLOBE is a care gesture for hair and scalp. Their products are effective, safe and essential cosmetics which, with their delicacy, encourage you to change your view on our care rituals. It is also a care gesture for our environment, because while creating the brand, it was crucial to leave as little as possible a trace of plastic that pollutes our planet. which campaigns for access to well-being for everyone.


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