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SIS UNDERWEAR Period panties High Waist

SIS UNDERWEAR Period panties High Waist are an ecological alternative to classic disposable protections like sanitary pads and tampons. Innovative technology allows the panties to absorb the amount of liquid equivalent to 2 to 3 tampons and provide effective protection for 12 hours without feeling damp or unpleasant odor. Thanks to the materials used, the panties are invisible under clothes, give an unbelievable sense of comfort and are a reliable protection against leakage. It is the perfect ally for the entire period, regardless of its intensity!


Absorbent OEKO-TEX certified cotton absorbs blood while remaining dry. It is gentle on the skin, completely safe and 100% natural.


Absorbing Eucalyptus absorbs your blood and prevents infection thanks to its bactericidal properties. Its capacity can be compared to 3 tampons!


The waterproof PUL material prevents leaks so you don’t have to worry about it while wearing the Sis menstrual panties.


Flexible Lycra gives it all style and shape. It is stretchy and adapts well to the shape of your body, without restricting your movements. It is also stain resistant, so you can clean it quickly and easily.


  • Before using for the first time, soak your new Sis in cold water for 20 minutes, then wash it to absorb the cotton.
  • After using the panties, rinse all blood with cold water before throwing it into the washing machine
  • Wash your panties at a maximum of 30 degrees in the hand wash mode, do not exceed 700 rpm in the washing machine


  • Never use the drying option in a washing machine
  • Never dry your panties on a hot radiator
  • Dry the panties in their natural position so that they are not bent
  • Sis panties can be dried in the sun
  • Due to the many layers, Sis panties can dry longer than normal underwear
  • outer layer – lycra nylon 80% / elastan 20%
  • waterproof layer PUL – polyester 100%
  • absorbing layer – eucalyptus 80% / polyester 20%
  • inner layer – cotton 100% (Materials in contact with your body are certified OEKO-TEX guaranteeing their non-toxicity and safety)
SISUNDERWEAR Basic Sis Hihg waist Rozmiar SoBio beauty Boutique SoBio Beauty Boutique



A: 62 cm-72 cm B: 29 cm


A: 72 cm-78 cm B: 30 cm


A: 78 cm-84 cm B: 31 cm


A: 84 cm-90 cm B: 32 cm


A: 90 cm-102 cm B: 33 cm

Majtki menstruacyjne Basic Sis High Waist – FAQ

Of course! Wash your panties by hand or in a washing machine in the hand wash mode at 30 degrees, at a speed of 700 or less. Rinse all blood with cold water before putting it in the washing machine. Use detergents without glycerin, with a natural composition, you can also wash without liquid or powder. We recommend using an antibacterial washing powder for Sis underwear.

The eucalyptus used for the production of SIS underwear is the best quality material, which translates into a high price. Production in Poland is also more expensive than using sewing rooms in Asia, but it provides the best quality and safety. You can easily find menstrual panties for even a few dozen zlotys, but none of them contain eucalyptus, are often imported from China, and their production supports exploitation and slavery. Using cheap substitutes is less effective and may be hazardous to your health, so always check the ingredients and country of manufacture.

Before use, be sure to rinse the panties in cold water so that the cotton becomes absorbent. Make sure the size is well-chosen and the panties fit close to the body. If you have heavy periods, test the panties at home for the first time to be sure

No, the materials have been specially selected so that they are suitable for all skin types and do not cause allergies or irritation. The only possible contraindication may be too heavy a period, Sis menstrual panties are designed to protect you for 12 hours in case of a medium-heavy period.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of SIS Underwear under water


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