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RA HYGGE Coffee with REISHI BIO extract (1 kg)

RA HYGGE Coffee with REISHI BIO extract (1 kg) is a great way to supercharge your morning routine with bioactive compounds that support the well-being of the brain and nervous system. REISHI mushrooms are rich in active ingredients valuable for health. They include, among others polysaccharide compounds, e.g. alpha and beta glucans, coumarin and alkaloids. Particularly noteworthy are steroid components that resemble human hormones, including sex hormones, among which we can distinguish, for example, ganoderic acid. In addition, reishi mushrooms contain vitamins and minerals such as manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, germanium, as well as B vitamins and 17 amino acids. The properties of all these substances mean that the fungus has a health-promoting effect on the human body.

Contains 4,520 mg of Reishi mushroom extract (double extraction) in one package or 226 mg in one serving / cup.

RA HYGGE Coffee with REISHI extract BIO (1 kg)
RA HYGGE Coffee with REISHI extract BIO (1 kg) 2
  • For those who want to improve concentration, intellectual performance (memory) and get rid of the “racing thoughts”
  • For those who want to increase the amount of antioxidants in the diet, and thus the vitality of the body and delay the aging process of cells
  • For those who want to increase the efficiency of the body, lead an intense lifestyle and need additional energy
  • For those who want to delay the aging process of cells
  • For those who want to increase their libido and energy levels, avoiding the irritating effect


Reishi, also known as Ling zhi, is one of the most important mushrooms used for centuries in the Far East. Valued for its pro-health properties, including support for the circulatory system, lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining the body’s proper immunity.

Reishi has a wide spectrum of components. These include vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, including beta-D-glucans, nucleotides, triterpenes, including ganoderic acids (A-G), sterols, lactates, and glycoproteins.

Roast profile: medium roasted

Flavor profile: light, medium body
With a richer umami effect, edible reishi mushrooms.

The green coffee beans come from small farms in Honduras.
Organic reishi mushroom extracts come from China.

organic arabica coffee from Honduras (98%), ecological extract (from double extraction) of lion’s mane mushrooms (Hericium Erinacea) (2%)

1 kg / Whole beans

IMPORTANT: the extracts are water soluble and should not be compared with dry powders. Extracts show 5-10 times stronger action than powdered mushrooms. Moreover, powdered mycelium is much cheaper to produce, it is not soluble in water and does not produce the desired effect when combined with coffee. In turn, double extraction provides the maximum health benefits that we can get in this case.

The RA HYGGE brand wants to raise the general expectations of a good cup of coffee and at the same time make a positive contribution to the development of the coffee drinking culture. Coffee not only helps us wake up in the morning. It is also a product that provides livelihood and income for over 25 million people around the world, and a daily ritual for many, many others. The only liquid we drink more than coffee is… water.

More and more people are receiving guidelines from their doctors to limit coffee drinking due to gastric reflux and diet in general. Many people are also sensitive to caffeine and have a hard time with the sudden jumps and “bumps” caused by its presence in the body.

“Medical” mushrooms are one of the most recognizable elements of traditional medicine in the regions in which they grow. All these mushrooms grow on trees and should not be mixed with euphoric (hallucinogenic) mushrooms. In Scandinavian countries (in particular Finland and Sweden), the most popular are chaga mushrooms, which grow on birch trees and have been traditionally drunk in the form of tea. Due to their high antioxidant content, they help to strengthen the immune system.


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