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MOONHOLI Chill Out Meditation set

MOONHOLI Chill Out Meditation set – Velvety afternoon comfort, the moment when time starts slowing down, after daily pursuits and post-work. Palo santo will soothe your senses, white sage will cleanse the space around you, and your home will become pure and good energy. Amethyst – the stone of harmony and relaxation – is a kind of amulet, its colour stimulates the highest vibration of the Third Eye. Immerse yourself in the magical and cosy afternoon, lit a candle, let its flame calm you and the scent embrace you. You deserve all that is best !

A beautiful set for romantic rituals, packed in a decorative box, perfect for a gift.

MOONHOLI Zestaw do medytacji Chill Out _ SoBio Beauty Boutique-2 |MOONHOLI Chill Out Meditation set
MOONHOLI Chill Out Meditation set

“Holy places are physical and geographic starting points for our mental and cultural imaginations, the stories we tell about ourselves, the world, and the relationships between them”

CHILL OUT Meditation set – what you’ll find inside the box:

• Makes it possible to get rid of negative emotions, cleanses the mind and the aura.

• Has properties that facilitate meditation and increase the energy flow.

• For cleansing,

• For restoring balance, protection.

• Has therapeutic properties.

• Soothes anxieties, depression and hyperactivity.

• Calms the mind, relaxes the body, positively impacts the mood.

• Soothes headaches and migraines

• Helps for insomnia – ensures healthy and peaceful sleep

• “Stone of harmony and relaxation”

• Restores balance for people susceptible to stress, brings calmness and frees your mind from negative thoughts

• Helps you cope with emotions, gives you patience, frees from daily fatigue and problems

Natural soy candle made of organic soy wax. Contains unbleached cotton wick and natural fragrance compositions.

Afternoon chill out – relax, unwind, slow down. Warm up with the warmth of a mixture of cardamom, figs and a little pepper. Soy candle will create a cozy atmosphere and soothe your senses.

MOONHOLI Zestaw do medytacji GLOW UP 4 SoBio Beauty Boutique

MOONHOLI Zestaw do medytacji GLOW UP 3 SoBio Beauty Boutique


MOONHOLI is the essence of natural femininity, universal truths of nature and a holistic lifestyle. Lifestyle yoga mats are designed for active, independent and conscious modern women. The beautiful, elegant and modern design of the mats will perfectly fit into your surroundings and will make your yoga practice or training a real pleasure. Designer prints inspired by nature, travel, art and universal spirituality will make your yoga practice an unforgettable experience. By creating these eco-friendly yoga mats, the brand is committed to spreading environmental awareness and therefore does not use harmful PVC or any other toxic substances in their production. Ecological yoga mats are made of natural rubber. Yoga mats with MOONHOLI prints are made using natural water-based paints to protect you and the planet Earth.

Every month 10% of the Cosmic Girl mat sale revenue is donated to the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, thus supporting people suffering from cancer.

Weight1 kg

Palo santo, Biała szałwia, Ametyst, Sojowa świeca zapachowa 60 ml figa z kardamonem


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