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AGAPE Charity bracelet



Ethically made of recycled silk thread with AU 585 golden beads

50% of the income from the sale of the bracelet is donated to the foundation:



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AGAPE Charity bracelet | SoBio Beauty Boutique 2

AGAPE Charity bracelet

Our AGAPE Charity Bracelet with a golden beads is made of recycled silk, black thread with golden beads and decorated with one larger golden bead in the middle. The beads are made entirely of 585 gold*, the length of the bracelet is 26 cm.

The bracelet has a decorative and symbolic function. AGAPE means the highest form of love & charity. It embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance.

Thanks to this bracelet, you can add expressiveness to any casual styling (including e.g. a product from the PRE-OWNED department). This type of decoration will also work great in combination with more official outfits – slightly breaking the formal dress code and expressing your character.

The bracelet looks very impressive and regardless of whether you wear black, white and gray on a daily basis, or you definitely choose color, it will become your hallmark that you can easily match to any styling.

The bracelet will also be a very graceful and effective gift.

*All gold comes from countries that respect the fair-trade agreement and follow the strictest ethical laws. Every material used in the process is recycled, nickel, and lead-free. We know how important skin health is, so the elements are non-allergenic. Product is Ethically made in Poland.
AGAPE Charity bracelet | SoBio Beauty Boutique

50% of the income from the sale of the bracelet is donated to the VIVA Foundation!

In addition, we decided to use our AGAPE Charity Bracelet to support the Viva Foundation in its activities! Action For Animals, which deals with the fight to improve the fate of animals. It pursues this goal through a whole range of activities – from responding to cases of animal abuse and prosecution in courts against their abusers, through training of state institutions, to large-scale campaigns and information campaigns promoting the ethical treatment of animals. It also encourages the adoption of animals from shelters and condemns the inhumane and unethical practices of companies and private individuals.


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