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BOHEMA Cactus leather boots | Desserto

BOHEMA Cactus leather boots with a pointed tip on a geometric heel – they will sharpen a classic style and add a chic touch to a sporty one.

Shoes handmade in Poland.
Desserto cactus leather shoes®
The inside of the shoe is made of lightweight mesh material.
The BOHEMA Cactus leather boots are finished with a YKK zipper and a sash tape with the brand’s logo.
Shoe sole made of recyclable rubber*.
Vegan shoes – all components are 100% vegan

Available sizes: EU 36-41
Heel height: 5 cm
Colour: Black

BOHEMA Cactus leather boots DESSERTO vegan leather SoBio Beauty Boutique Fair Fashion

The world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear. Produced in a large variety of colors, thicknesses and textures. Desserto®  can exceed the demands of an ever-evolving industry.

The top 10 sustainable facts of Desserto® organic cactus feed-stock:

  1. Biodiversity amelioration in the region. 
  2. Reverts Land Use Change (LUC).
  3. Enrichment of soil micro-flora and micro-fauna through native and typical organic cactus afforestation.
  4. Huge savings in water as no irrigation is applied. 
  5. Environmental preservation as no chemicals are used like herbicides or pesticides.
  6. Cactus is left unharmed to enable repeated harvesting from the same plant. 
  7. Energy savings by drying the feed-stock in a solarium. 
  8. No cross-industry conflict as the byproduct is directed to the food industry in an increased value form which is more attractive, and stimulates the agricultural sector to plant more cactus. 
  9. Full vision and traceability of the farm to ensure sustainable social practices. 
  10. Technological enhancements at the fields.
BOHEMA BOHEMA Cactus leather boots _ Kaktus 2 _ SoBio Beauty Boutique _ main site2
BOHEMA BOHEMA Cactus leather boots _ Kaktus 2 _ SoBio Beauty Boutique _ main site3

BOHEMA Clothing is a brand for uncompromising people who go against the flow, live with their heads in the clouds, believing in their own ideas and dreams. Their products are the result of passion, art, nature, fashion, elegance and consistency. Refined, hand-made and carefully selected details make the brand’s products an excellent alternative to traditional leather products. All products are made without the use of animal materials.

It is a Polish family streetwear brand that has made 100% vegan and environmentally friendly clothes a point of honor. They were the first on the Polish market to make vegan Pinatex shoes – an alternative to natural leather made of pineapple leaves.


36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41


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