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ARGAN OIL which one to choose?

High-grade argan oil – can do wonders – especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

If you haven’t used it yet then you really need to start … right now

We assume, that here is what you know about argan oil: it’s an oil, and people use it to look beautiful… and things like that. And imagine – you are not wrong! Argan Oil is one of those ingredients that you can see in almost every cosmetic product, you can read about it in virtually every BEAUTY article, and yet most of us have no idea why it is so amazing. But this article is about to change that … We’ve gathered everything you need to know about argan oil in one place and show you some of our favorite products so that you can enjoy beautiful and healthy skin that everyone will compliment.

First, not all oils are created equal.

You probably know the difference between rapeseed oil and motor oil, but do you notice such differences between skin oils? As it turns out, each facial oil has a different formula, weight, and speed of absorption, making some of them better suited to certain skin types and issues than others. For example, castor oil and grape seed oil reduce the secretion of sebum on acne prone skin, while coconut oil and avocado oil act as incredibly rich moisturizers for dry skin. Argan oil is in the middle of the spectrum – it’s not too heavy, not too light – making it ideal for use on all skin types. It is packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E and linoleic acids, all of which work to slightly moisturize the skin, softening dry areas and even reducing acne. For the skin, it is primarily a protective, nutritious dietary supplement.

Yes, argan oil can help with skin inflammation and breakouts.

It’s true: applying the oil to oily skin, including blemish skin, can have positive effects. Often people are “flushed” not because their complexion is naturally oily, but because their skin barrier is dry, damaged and inflamed by the use of highly drying, harsh acne products. The skin compensates for this damaged skin barrier by excessively producing more sebum which can clog pores and cause breakouts. However, argan oil can help break this cycle. Vitamin E in Argan Oil not only acts as a primary anti-inflammatory agent for inflamed, reactive skin, but also helps control sebum production by balancing sebum levels so you will have fewer blemishes and less irritation than before. Plus, all of the antioxidants naturally found in argan oil are known to soothe eczema and lighten scars. Are you beginning to understand why everyone loves this oil so much?

No, it doesn’t clog pores

Naturally, technically anything can clog pores if your skin has a natural sensitivity to a particular ingredient, but unlike some oils that are known to be highly comedogenic – a fancy way of saying “clogging pores” – like coconut oil and olive oil. Meanwhile, argan oil is at the lowest level of the risk scale.

In fact, argan oil scores zero on the comedogenicity scale, which cannot be said for most of the ingredients present in face creams and makeup products.

It is incredibly easy to use

Technically speaking, oils are not moisturizers. Oils are considered “occlusive”, an annoying word that essentially means they act as a barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating from your skin. So it’s best to apply the oils to slightly damp skin – to trap all the water in the pores – or massage it into a moisturizer (to lock out all moisturizing ingredients). Does it make sense?

Since argan oil is relatively light, it absorbs fairly quickly, so you’ll be left with a subtle glow on your skin rather than an oily coating of oil. However, if you are concerned that you will shine too much during the day, try applying the oil after washing your face overnight. Of course, a pillowcase can be stained with traces of oil, but it is worth considering that it has a moisturizing, nourishing, softening, anti-acne and non-clogging effect.

Check out our favorite oils below and get ready for beautiful, flawless, luminous skin.

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